Maybe if I just mash the keyboard with my face?

It has happened, the dreaded block.  I have had about fifty ideas run through my head, but they have all been going too fast for me to catch any of them.  I have tried calling them back and offering them a biscuit, but they have no recall training and have run away into a field, chasing a feather or something.

I tried treating the problem with the liberal application of Ben and Jerry’s.  Now I have a runny nose, I feel a bit sick and I am still not inspired.   I really want to say something that might be interesting or amusing to someone.  Instead I am a dull void.

Maybe this is because I am running on three hours sleep, and every time that I try to put my thoughts in order, my poor little dribble face baby remembers that he is teething.  He is shouty.  I have mistaken this for hunger a couple of times and offered him feeds, I have super sore nipples now.  Baby chomp of doom is a powerful force to be reckoned with.  That is also quite distracting.

So today this will have to be my blog.  I did wonder if just mashing my face into the keyboard would somehow make genius flow out of me that I couldn’t make sit still long enough to write with my hands…..

xc dfvgthbnbgthy nhbyvtcr

Now I can’t speak every language that there is, but I don’t think that means anything in any of them.  Also rubbing your face on a keyboard feels weird.

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