Today is brought to you by the letter P

I have always liked making songs my own and changing the words to suit my mood.  This morning I was washing up and singing my own version of westside story’s I feel pretty.  Except my lyrics are, I feel shitty, oh so shitty, I feel shitty and shitty and shiiiiite. Today is brought to you by the letter P.  For pain. And painkillers. And pride.

Some evil goblins must have snuck into our bedroom last night and beat me in the upper back with baseball bats.  Or at least that is what feels like has happened. ( or maybe, just maybe, in my efforts to save lovely boyfriend from having to move the heaviest sofa in the world I may have totally done my back in)

Even though I wrote my blog yesterday about knowing my limits , it would seem that yet again I do  not know them at all.   I didn’t do it by myself, I enlisted the help of a friend who goes to the gym and pumps so much iron that his neck is starting to disappear.  I wrongly assumed that if he was on one end of the sofa that somehow my own strength would match his.

And when we were carrying the sofa it did seem like it!  We walked through the garden and into the garage, and only had to push it across the last three foot of the garage because otherwise I was going to drop it.  And after he left I cleaned the whole house, played with the dogs, baked peanut butter and banana muffins (they are soooo good.  Make them, eat them, it sounds weird but you will thank me for it) and tried to convince the dribbly one to lay on his tummy and practice floor swimming ( this daily activity results in much shouting and red faced behaviour, he hates tummy time more than anything)

I felt fine, I was obviously still basking in the self satisfied glow of getting everything done and being super woman. This morning I am a pale shadow of super woman’s grandmother. Hobble, mutter, complain.  I doubt I could save even the tiniest kitten from a tree.

I must practice saying that it might be a bit much for me.  I should have asked my gym hulk buddy to bring a friend. Thank goodness I have a yummy batch of muffins to sit and eat today whilst I try and not break myself any further.


    • Thanks flower. I am not feeling quite as shit today thanks. Having to lift the ever growing baby means that I can’t really rest it, but at least he is not the size of a sofa! xx


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