How to not get too carried away?

I have been made a very exciting job offer.  Lovely boyfriend and I should soon have a lovely new bar to run. We can live upstairs with the fluffy family and the dribble faced one.   it will have a brand new name and image that we can mold for it.


Lovely boyfriend’s feet are still firmly planted on the floor though.  This is not the first pub that we have been offered in the last year and a half. The last two times that I have been approached have come to nothing.  We had meetings and did visits, made plans and got our hopes up, only to suddenly find that we couldn’t get hold of the person that had approached us and that someone else was standing behind the bar.

In the long run it has been for the best, after the first time I found out that a person was growing inside me so I probably didn’t want the commitment at that time.  When he came back to us, cap in hand, after his other choice had ripped him off and was not paying the rent, my mini man was three weeks old.  I would have done it, but it would have been very hard work.

So now a new opportunity has arisen.  It is nearer to home.  It suits our family life so much better.  The people making the offer are genuine and I have worked with them recently.

I know that this time, unless the council reject the application for a premises license, it will be going ahead within the next two months.

I want to jump up and down and be happy.  Lovely boyfriend says that until the keys are in his hands, he is going to treat it as if it is not happening.  I know that this is a sensible plan, a good way to not have your hopes dashed, but I am just not like that! I love how practical and sensible he is.  I am glad that I have him to hold onto so that I don’t float off the surface of the earth into my own fantasy land where everything works out exactly as I want it to.  So often life does not serve up the dream that I have been floating along in and I am crushed when it doesn’t happen.

However in my head I am brushing off my inner Peggy Mitchell, ready to be at the helm again.

We will know in twenty eight days for sure if it is going to happen.

I am going to be worse than a child counting down for Christmas.

I must try and not get carried away.

I have already written a cocktail menu.

I am planning uniforms.

It might not happen.

I wish that I knew how lovely boyfriend does it.

I have planned the new colour for our bedroom and I can picture the mini one playing in his room.

So I am going to go about my day and busy myself with life and try not to get so excited.

But you are all coming in for a drink when I open right?


  1. Exciting news!!!

    I know what you mean, I get very excited by things that are still possibilities, even if they’re very definite possibilities – in fact I have something work-related that I’m trying not to get over-excited about myself at the moment 🙂

    Fingers crossed x

    PS A pub warming? Sounds good to me!

    Liked by 1 person

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