The Versatile Blogger Award

I am very proud to have been nominated for a versatile blogger award by the lovely Marteen Lane of  I really enjoy her positive, upbeat message and find that reading her blog always brightens my day.

So the rules are basically that I have to tell you seven things about me and nominate other bloggers that I think deserve the award too.

So here goes

1. I lived in Brazil when I was a child

23448_10150163538820594_2620304_nThis is a picture of me, my brother Adam and my mum stood at The Iguaçu Falls located on the border of Argentina and Brazil and consisting of approximately 257 individual falls over 2.7 km (1.7 mi) were chosen as one of the new natural seven wonders of the world.  It is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen in my life.

2. I was born in Swansea in Wales and I am a proud Welsh girl

299888_10152600014325594_1728734248_nMe on the first of March 1985 (St David’s day) in my national Welsh costume.

3. I love aquariums, I have been to one of the largest aquariums in Europe in Valencia.  My favourite sea creatures are star fish.


4. My all time favourite band are Nine Inch Nails, I last went to see them a year ago so I can also say that my son was there too in my tummy and he had a good old dance around.


5.  I am a tattooed lady, I love being covered in pictures and I doubt I will stop until I run out of skin!


I have lots of flower tattoos and my next planned one is a sunflower.

6.  I have always wanted to be able to crochet but for some reason my hands just can’t seem to make anything other than great big knotty messes each time a patient person tries to teach me.


This is the most successful piece of crochet that I have ever managed to do (shortly ruined after taking this picture).

7.  I HATE slugs.  They are the worst.  When I first left home I lived in a scummy bedsit that had a hole in the wall that led to the outside world.  The evil beasties would slime their way into my room over night and I would stand on them when I got out of bed in the morning.  Even remembering this now is making my toes curl.  (I am finding it hard to bring myself to include a picture of one)  I have been known to leap across pavements, squealing on rainy days as they cross my path.  I would quite like it if they had the decency to put on a shell and just be snails so that I didn’t have to see them ever again.

Large Red Slug 03

This picture makes me feel sick.


Nominees that I think deserve and award I enjoy the fact that she is documenting her journey to be healthy and fit.  I also like how honest she is about how challenging it can be. I love reading about Vicky’s adventures as well as hearing her thoughts on things. I like following what Becky is up to and she writes posts that I find super interesting. I love looking at Nina’s pictures and hearing about things in her world. As a fellow animal lover I really like reading about what her furry friends have been up to. This a really positive blog that lifts my spirits. Holly gives loads of great advice about what to do with you kiddywinkles. This blog makes me laugh so much!  This blog is inspirational and fun to read.  I am an avid reader and I love to get ideas for new books to pick up. With great, practical idea to help the world written in way that I find personal and lovely. I have a baby of a similar age to this lovely blogger and I can really identify with her blog. I can not wait until my little person is old enough to do some of the brilliant things that she suggests to do with your kids.  A blog full of great ideas.



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