30 day challenges

I am not into fitness.  I like to walk the dogs and walk around with the small dribbly one, but that is about it.  Walking is fine, it is when you are supposed to up walking to running.  Running is evil, it is up there with ironing as a thing that I will try my hardest not to spend time doing.  I was invited to a thirty day challenge by a friend on facebook.  I clicked accept.  Now I am doing a thirty day, get fit challenge.

Why am I doing this?

Well, my mini man is going to be eight months old at the weekend.  I was a very lucky lady when pregnant and I only gained a stone of extra me weight whilst having him.  That stone is still here.  I would like it to go away.  I would like to have a flat stomach again.  I don’t expect to have rippling abs and wander around in crop tops, but I would like to wear a vest top and not feel self conscious about my soft, wobbly tummy and worry that I am sporting a muffin top.

In years gone by I would always look to the swimming pool to shed any excess pounds.  I used to live across the road from a pool and have time to swim three or four times a week.  Now that I have a baby going swimming for fitness is out of the window, I don’t have the money to swim that often, I don’t live opposite a pool anymore.

So I need a free, in house way to reclaim my body confidence.

Even though I have no love for fitness, if I want to feel confident and love me again, I think that I am going to have to bite the bullet (and stop biting the biscuits) and get sweaty in my living room (not in a fun way).

I am going to master a chair dip (sounds like a stripper trick) a wall squat, a donkey kick (sure that I watched a terrible film about deviant sex acts called something like that) and a leg reach (I can already reach my legs so hopefully I will be a pro at that one).

When I signed up for a blogging challenge to blog every day for twenty eight days I found time to sit and write each day.  So I know that I can take time out and prioritse if I REALLY want to do something.

My worry is that unlike writing, which I love to do, this is something that I don’t love to do.  Also nobody is making me a star chart that they will send me if I complete the challenge.

Which means I have to self motivate.

I am going to do my best.

I am going to whip my mid section back into shape.

I am going to feel confident when I look in the mirror again.

I may need someone to come to my house and stop me from setting up a self imposed reward system of ice cream for doing the exercises (therefore making them pointless, it is the sort of thing that I am liable to do).

Isn’t it a shame that typing doesn’t make you fit and healthy, I would be the trimmest person around!

Someone said that with baby weight it is nine months on, nine months off.  If I get to my little persons ninth month and I am not in shape then I will not be happy.  I don’t expect it to just melt off me, especially not with the amount of pasta and potatoes that I eat!  So I am off to learn how to exercise.

Wish me luck, and motivation, I think I am going to need it.


  1. Haha! You do know the only reason I ballet so much is in a bid to offset my wine calories right? Good luck! And I agree re running – it’s something disorganised people have to do!

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  2. I have signed up to do the Great South Run again this year. After a fortnight of training, eating healthily and dodging booze (not ALL booze as that would be MAD) I have managed to put ON weight….People say stuff like ‘Oh it’s because muscle weighs more than fat’ and ‘You’ll start really shedding pounds once your body egts used to moving’ but I’d really like to fast-forward to the bit where I can run without getting out of breath after a couple of minutes and my wine belly is less wobbly 😦

    I share your pain! Exercise sucks!! 😦 xxx

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    • Why can’t I just have the metabolism of 26 year old me? Stupid getting older and having to try hard to look nice. Good luck with the running! How far is it? xxx


      • It is 10 miles. I am not planning on actually running all 10 of them, but if I can get fit enough that I can run the first 5k or so and then walk the rest then I will be happy. I can walk 10 miles in one go (I did this last weekend) without dying so it is not wholly unachieveable….I like to have goals to work towards that I then tell everybody about so that I HAVE to do them. Otherwise my lazy,sofa loving brain manages to persuade me that I can TOTALLY go back to sitting on my arse and eating cake the second I start losing any weight. When I was in my twenties, I could totally just eat less for a couple of weeks and the weight would literally fall off. Now it takes weeks and weeks and I can’t just eat less, I have to exercise too 😓 xx

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      • This is why I have plastered it all over the internet, so that I have to complete it! Good luck lovely lady!! I dont think I could run five meters let alone five k! xx


  3. Well done Aimee for doing this! Your readers will be your own personal cheerleaders, cheering you one 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading updates of how you’re getting on.

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