Abs of slush

So I am getting serious.  I ordered trainers, proper ones, no leopard print, glitter or platform heel on them!  They are actually meant for running!  Now this is not to say that I will actually start running ( I did do some ironing last week so you never know) but for me this is a massive step in the right direction.

This morning my tummy muscles are feeling very sorry for themselves.  This is partly because they must have been in a right rubbish state after chilling out and making way for a baby, but mainly due to the torture leg reach exercise (the one that sounded the least painful, valuable lesson learned about exercise names)


This is SUPER hard, mine do not look as good as the muscular illustrated man’s either.   There is a lot of puffing and helpful comments from lovely boyfriend such as “Nope, that wasn’t one, try again.”.  Thanks babe, the sitting on the sofa comments are really helpful and don’t make me want to kick you at all.

My lovely friend Mel is doing this challenge with me.  It is great to have someone to encourage you and it means that I will complete so that we can become team absofsteel.  We will go and buy sexy, bodycon, sleeveless dresses and sit at home drinking cups of tea and feeling fabulous (that is what we do, maybe we should go out!).

I am hoping to not be so horribly out of shape soon.  I laugh at the cocky, three days ago me, who looked at the chart and said “ten seconds of a wall sit, easy peasy!”


Try it now.  Go to a flat wall, pretend there is a chair and count ten seconds.  If by eight seconds you are not cursing, well done you.  You have better thighs than me.  I am up to fifteen seconds now.  It HURTS.

Yesterday Mel said that we should do days two and three on the same day, because we started late and we wanted to be on the right day for the date.  I agreed, it had been hours since I had done the morning exercise and I felt that I could do it.  I am a fool.

The five chair dips in the morning had been a breeze.


The ten in the evening were much harder.  I am currently sitting on the chair that I must do ten more on today.  I will do them.  I WILL.

Even the good old donkey kicks, that I had been finding the easiest, took their toll on round two yesterday.


I did them though, twelve on each side.

Now I will confess, I did buy myself a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, for little rewards.  It was normal and chocolate cookie dough with a chocolate fudge core down the middle.  It sounded orgasmic.  NOT SO!  I don’t know if it had defrosted a bit and then refrozen, or if the curry I made last night melted my taste buds, but it was horrible.  Lovely boyfriend said so too.

The gods of ice cream have spoken.

I am taking this as a sign to stop eating so much ice cream.  I love it too much to stop all together, but I will eat less.  I am hoping that if I don’t buy any more Ben and Jerry’s until the end of the challenge, the lords of frozen dairy products won’t spoil my ice cream enjoyment.

It is for the best I am sure.

Right I am going to stop putting off the exercise and get it done!


  1. Well done you! You are far more motivated than me. Might be worth popping and seeing a postnatal Pilates teacher just to make sure your belly muscles have knitted together again. And because it is is extreme lying down.

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