Except on Wednesdays, when I get rudely awoken by the dustman…..

Usually I can identify with Blur’s park life lyrics on Wednesdays, as that is our bin collection day.  Today however, as the clock struck five I was awake.  For no good reason.

As a person with a baby, who likes to have parties throughout the night this is most displeasing.

The tiny person was in bed with me, lying in between lovely boyfriend and myself.  My pillows had a fluffy face lying on them, I was sleeping on his tummy, there was another fluffy member of the family lying at the bottom of the bed, all four paws pointing skyward.  They were all asleep.

I tried to go back to sleep.

Counted sheep, planned dinner, wondered if I was going to want to go into town to buy my sister her belated birthday present.  Wondered if I had enough money to go on that shopping trip.

Stared at my beautiful baby and gorgeous lovely boyfriend, with their matching sleeping faces, felt a huge rush of love for them both, swiftly followed by a massive sense of envy.

Looked at the clock lots so that my brain would realise that it was sleeping time and not awake time.

For some reason it evaded me.

This reason is not a good nights sleep, the mini man was in our bed because I had given up trying to settle him in his own bed at two a.m.

I am going to have a stern chat with myself.  Turning down valuable sleeping opportunities is a huge parenting no no.

God I miss sleeping so much.

Today is a cruel joke.

I know by  eleven I will be sleepily prodding the coffee machine in the kitchen so that I can remain upright.

*shakes fist at sky.

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