Working out my brown thumbs.

I have never been a great gardener.  Growing up as a child we had a concrete garden with a small flower bed that only had fuchsias or non flowering plants in it, as everything else upset my Mum’s hay fever.  That was fine with us as we never knew any different.  Now as an adult I have a longing to have a great garden but a severe lack of skills to make it happen.  I have learned that shouting out of the back door “please just look nice!”  is terribly fun but not very effective.

make it so

Yesterday I had a strange moment of being able to feel very proud of our garden.  (This is largely due to the talents of lovely boyfriend, my input has been minimal for everyone’s safety and the securing of a chance of success.)   I had a play date for the small one in my garden.  With a paddling pool and two other children!!!  The fact that I have friends brave enough to walk the dog harassment hallway with their precious child and brave it into my garden with plans of fun and playing is super awesome to me.  I had thought that we would always be the family that went to other people’s houses for play dates, due to our love of big fluffy family members, what a super treat that this is not always going to be the case.

It was a great success, the children all seemed to have a great time and the big fluffies only jumped the fence to lick them a few times. (I did discover a hidden poo near the swing, but not by treading in it *shakes fist at ninja sneaky middle fluffy), we even had lunch outside on the picnic table that I built myself (proud).

I have done some planting in the raised flower beds that has made me feel quite smug, I have kept it all alive and in the soil for over a week, (I am still awaiting some sort of award/prize for this, I assume the gardening people are getting round to me, it must be a very busy time of year for them.)  there are two tomato plants, four strawberry plants, some fuchsias (nostalgia) a purple fluffy looking plant that I can’t remember the name of and lavender.  I also liberally sprinkled some seeds that are meant to attract butterflies and bees that are a mystery, but have all started to sprout.


Check me out!!!  Those things are actually growing in our garden!!   I did that!!  I really hope that I manage to see it through to a fruitful conclusion instead of a forgotten, withered mess like most of my previous attempts at having green fingers.  I think I might finally be grown up (read pregnant and sober) enough to do it!

This morning I found myself pulling weeds out of the lawn and wondering how our (lovely boyfriends really) lawn mower works.   After living for all of these years might actually want to mow a lawn! (I was a bit shocked at myself when I realised today that I never have even tried to do that before and have actually no idea at all how I would go about using a lawn mower).

2016 may be the year of gardening triumph.  I may have finally discovered the attraction in it.  I am not promising anything as my attention span is not known for maintaining this sort of interest well,  however I think it may be another side effect of being a mummy.  My garden suddenly needs to offer me more than somewhere that everyone can go for a fag and get drunk in during the summer, and is a dog toilet the rest of the time, to needing to be a safe and fun place for children to be in.  Thank goodness for lovely boyfriend making all of the hard bits happen so that I can prance about out there with a trowel and feel proud.


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