Everything is awesome!

So at the moment life is pretty awesome.  Yesterday one of  my brothers came round for lunch, we had a nice day, I cooked delicious stuffed peppers and we watched the lego movie (we always used to watch movies with lots of violence and swearing but now that a mini whirlwind of destruction lives in my house we must adjust our viewing choices).  I love the “Everything is awesome!” song in that film.  I dared to say out loud, so that the universe could hear me that, in fact, everything was pretty awesome.


Things that are awesome, lovely boyfriend got a new car so I get his old one, yesterday I was driving around town in a jeep with tinted out windows feeling pretty cool.  He really is the loveliest of boyfriends, he even paid for the road tax and had it super cleaned so that it is shiny and smells brilliant.

We have extended the fence in the garden and laid more grass around the edges so that it looks even better (my obsession with that garden is reaching levels that I did not expect in any way) and should be too tall for the fluffies to vault.

New baby (you know, the one that I am currently growing inside me) is learning kung fu, which means that I know the small one is doing ok, which is reassuring and lovely.

My other brother is fixing my laptop screen for me at a reasonably cheap price (smallest family member has taken to standing on top of it and shouting at it in the hope that peppa pig will start playing on it.  He has learned nothing, I have learned that I can not leave anything on the dining table anymore.), which is brilliant because I had once again not backed anything up, and I can afford it because someone said that they would want to buy my old car.

It feels so nice to look at life and just think how lovely jubbly and marvellous everything is.   I proclaimed so to my brother.

mouth shut

When will I learn?  Almost as soon as I said that, the person who had said that they were going to buy my old car messaged to say that the mileage was too high, (fair enough, but dude, its being sold for £200, good luck finding a car with virtually no issues for that money (my car) with a low mileage (not my car), I shall both doff my hat to you and then eat it if you do.)

I now don’t have money to give to my brother for fixing my laptop screen, but I have already taken it to his house so that he can get started.

One of the fluffies jumped over the gate as if the raised extension didn’t exist  (insert so much swearing here).

Mini man hates stuffed peppers (who knew?  I think they are delicious) and threw it all in the waiting mouth of a fluffy.   They contained both onions and garlic, both of which are toxic to dogs.

Add dog sick to things happening in the garden that I did not want to happen. (It was the second time that day I had cleaned sick up in the garden, lovely boyfriend had thrown up the breakfast I had made him out there too, he had better not be pregnant as well, we can not afford any more babies) Then follows the struggle of trying to clean up the sick before the fluffy can eat it again.  Fluffy is very annoyed with me, but fine.

New baby kung fu seems to only happen when I am trying to eat or sleep, this is preventing me from doing either of these things well, why doesn’t it know that in order to grow it properly I really do need to do both of those things??

Should I never rejoice in the good things?  If I keep it to myself will things remain superb?  Should I just wait for great things to happen and then do an internal happy dance?

wait for death

No that is silly.

And even though some things are annoying, everything is still awesome, just more like four and a half star awesome instead of five star.   Which is still pretty amazing. And actually what kind of a first world problem is it to be complaining that I have too many cars?  That my happy, healthy baby is keeping me awake?

So I am not going to keep my mouth shut.  I am fortunate to have a brilliant life. I am going to enjoy every lovely minute of it and rejoice in the good times.

And, everything is awesome.



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