Hey fatty boom boom

This morning in a moment of madness I decided to stand on the bathroom scales.  Obviously I am an idiot who hates her brain, but I did it.  And now I know.


I weigh far too much for my liking.  I am fully aware that I only had a baby three months ago and that I need body fat to make breast milk, however I am still six kilos heavier than I was when I had my first child so I know that I have no need for this excess body weight.

I have started an exercise regime, but I am only twelve days into it so my magical transformation into something resembling my pre baby body has annoyingly not been achieved yet.

And there is this other issue, it’s food. 

Food is just so tasty.  And I am so hungry all the time because a mini human spends as much of her time as possible attached to me eating.  Then there are things like the toddler not finishing things that are a crime to throw away, who can throw out leftover banana with custard? Most certainly not me!  

My clothes are enjoying a morning laugh when I put them on, most of my jeans have decided that they wont do up, or they will but the muffin top created is horrifying.  I find myself looking at my middle with a mix of fascination and disgust in the mirror most days. I am too poor to replace my clothes so I must make myself the right shape to fit in them.

I wish that shedding weight was as easy as putting it on.  

I am going to have to employ will power, this has never been one of my strong suits, after spending all day freaking out about my body I have just sat and eaten a huge jacket potato topped with game stew.

So how does everyone feel about making dressing gowns the next big fashion trend so that I don’t need to worry about my size and be comfy all the time?


  1. Don’t beat your self up – post section always takes longer. And be gentle until you know your body is up to it – have you checked your tummy muscles haven’t separated?


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