post coital

Lisa lay awkwardly in the bed, changing her position every few moments, the whole time hoping that she looked sexy and smouldering.  As Lisa moved she accidentally put her leg on the rapidly cooling damp patch on the sheet that had only moments before been created by Robin who she had lusted after for years. Due to the shock of the cold Lisa sat up quickly and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror across the room. Her hair was an insane mess and her eye make up seemed to have all decamped to her cheeks. There was no way to fix this properly as Robin was in the bathroom and her improvised finger comb was only making her over bleached bob look worse.  Lisa was contemplating using a spit and bed sheet combination to try and deal with the make up disaster but Robin’s sheets looked expensive and he would definitely notice.

Robin’s room was a haven of order and cleanliness,  there were carefully placed pictures on the walls, a computer which was playing the sort of music that you would expect to hear in a hyper fashionable bar, or so Lisa assumed as she would never be caught dead in one. There was no mess, other than Lisa’s over spilling handbag and clothes that she had thrown around the room in what her tequila soaked brain had deemed a super sexy striptease, but now she was sobering up she was quite sure had been more like a clumsy magician failing at escapology.

For the hundredth time that evening Lisa wondered how she had ended up in Robin’s arms and then his bed. Her entire flat was chaotic and covered in cat hair from her lovely ginger tom, Rufus. Robin always seemed so suave and stylish, he was effortlessly charming and admiring eyes followed him everywhere he went. Lisa on the other hand classed herself as someone who was attractive once you got to know her. She had made most of her friends by accidentally spilling drinks on them at the pub.   Curiosity got the better of Lisa and she lay on her front and leant over the side of the bed to see if Robin had hidden all of his mess and dust bunnies underneath it. Irritatingly it was pristine and other than one of her earrings, that she hadn’t even realised had fallen out, there was nothing. And of course this was the moment that Robin chose to walk back into the room.

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