oh great big balls to it.

I am feeling like the world is against me trying to blog today. My plan to write during the baby’s morning nap didn’t happen because he decided not to have that nap. My brother decided to come over for lunch. Which meant that I was persuaded to cook a lasagne. Which meant that I had to go to the supermarket, anyone who has ever had a three month old baby knows that this is like a full on mission, that takes three times longer to complete than pre baby shopping ever did.  Lovely boyfriend had a split shift at work so my brother stayed until seven to see him too. I then had to give him a lift home. Then baby to bed, he is eating as if he has never been fed at the moment.  But by 8.30 I had poured a glass of wine and sat down to write.

My new laptop is just not working. AT ALL.  I decided to write my blog on my tablet. I wanted to cross reference something that I had written and when I clicked back on the page it merrily deleted everything that I had written. My bloody stupid tablet refreshes a page every time you click on it. FUUUUCCCCKKKKK.  I had written about something that I care about, that I thought was actually quite interesting and that other people might want to read. Now it has gone forever.  I will try and write it again tomorrow. But as for today my blog is just a bit stroppy huff.  I am going to finish my wine and will now.

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