My crazy face

So today is a massive improvement on yesterday already.  I am feeling very accomplished and a bit stepford wife ( apart from the messy dreads, no apron and fluorescent aged 13 leopard print jumper ) dinner is in the slow cooker and I have made vegan sugar free  cakes that are actually yummy!  The laundry pile has been obliterated and I have time to write!

I wanted to play with word press, actually try out some of the super helpful tips that I have learnt from other people doing the come blog with me challenge.  So I started looking at pictures that I could use.  I am struck by my mental face.  I pull ridiculous facial expression all of the time. (seriously, some people have resting bitch face, I have resting crazy face!)  But sometimes I wonder if my subconscious is telling my crazy face to do expressions as my brain is not paying attention and doing stupid things.  These particular pictures I think serve as an excellent lesson.



This is the moment that my Dad was asked to give me to my soon to be husband. Not only do I look at him incredulously when he goes to hand me over, once my hand is transferred my crazy face is obviously trying to send me some warning signs! At least my brain did eventually catch up with my face.

I think I might have to invest in a selfie stick so that, in future, I can check my face before I agree to do things.  Especially big, important life stuff, like who I should marry, it’s a pretty big deal and it turns out that I am a bit of a romantic.  I was just so pleased that someone wanted to marry me, I don’t think that I gave the matter the proper amount of thought.  Not my face though, that eyebrow wiggling, crazy expression making part of me knew the score.

My crazy face makes me honest by default.  I hate lying, but even if I tried to do it my face would give me away.  Look at me having the best time EVER at a party


Also the girl in front of me making a crazy face is my sister.  It’s clearly a family trait. And then there are things that make me genuinely happy and not crazy faced


That is my lovely little Frankie.  He is  always able to make my face just look happy.

So I am going to change the old adage “always listen to your gut” and change it to “always listen to your face”  It really knows what it is on about.


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