To blog or not to blog?

I started blogging as part of Lotte Lane’s Come blog with me challenge.  The idea is to write a blog every day for twenty eight days.  I want to write, but I was finding motivation a bit hard.

When I started the challenge I thought that I was going to write small bits of a story so that at the end of twenty eight days I would have loads of material and I could write the elusive book that I have been promising myself that I would write.  That has been the opposite that has happened.

On the first day of the challenge I had some upsetting family news, I needed to get my thoughts out so I blogged about it.  So now my blog seems to have become a dumping ground for my random thoughts and telling people (assuming that anyone is actually reading my blog….) about my life.

I was worried after the first week that I was boring, and that nobody would ever want to read any of the drivel that I was typing each day.  Then Lotte said that she would make us star charts.  You heard that right,a bloody star chart!!!  Now I can’t not write!  My inner child NEEDS twenty eight stars.   Sod whether or not anyone likes what I write (not really, approve of me please!  Find me interesting!!!) I MUST have the shiny stars!!  The precious, my precious, my only stars.


But today I find that my brain is BLANK.  Nothing.  I had a great day planned today, I went to see some friends for coffee, I spent four hours there chatting and having a brilliant time, the dribble monster was all smiles and had a big nap so that I could have grown up chats.  But nothing really sparked inspiration within me.

Then Lovely boyfriend and I went to my youngest brother’s house and he made us yummy dinner and we had a great time watching anime and showing the baby you tube clips of Disney films,  my brother’s girlfriend held him above her head in her arms to the lion king (you know, THAT scene), he loved it. But again no neurons were firing.

When I drove us home I reversed too far back on the driveway into the flower bed.  I know what the problem is.  I am too tired.  I was too tired when I got up today.  I haven’t had a full nights sleep in four months. My brain needs to recharge it’s batteries I have had to correct every third word that I have typed. ( Again disproving the article that I wrote about yesterday

I have had a lovely day though, filled with tea, latte and a Caribbean curry.  I loved seeing friends and family.  I was grateful that the tiny one, although still losing an alarming amount of spit continuously from his face, was happy and only had a minor pain fueled shout today.


So there are no major epiphanies, nothing thought provoking but I can’t not write a blog, however uninspired this one may be, I have to get my star! Hopefully I can get a decent amount of sleep tonight, it could be that magic night where the smallest member of the family doesn’t wake and feel the need to engage in nocturnal nipple assault. I hope that happens I really do (sneaking suspicion that it doesn’t though) and then tomorrow I will be bright eyed, bushy tailed and filled with marvelous things to write about.


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