Dogs ate my blender.

I have been on a healthy eating kick recently.  Every morning I get up and blend lovely boyfriend and myself a yummy, healthy smoothie for our breakfast.  Although I doubt that this is going to magically make that stone that I put on have my baby suddenly melt away from my body, I do know that it is step in the right direction and it makes me feel good.

If you read my blog regularly, you will know that we are the proud owners of three fluffy family members.  They are lovely, and most of the time I feel nothing but joy about them and their big slobbery faces.

Sometimes however I need to lock them all in the garden and count to ten so that I don’t give them all away to the next passer by our house.

Our youngest, and biggest fluffy face had learnt how to open our kitchen cupboards, this meant that every time they were left without a human in the house, he would open the cupboards and they would have a jolly feast on all sorts of things that they weren’t supposed to be eating.  Lovely boyfriend decided to combat this by fitting locks to the cupboard doors.

This was met by frustration from the fluffy family.


Our sofa paid the ultimate price.

We have had a child lock on our fridge for over a year as fluffy face number two realised that food lived in there. We had to try different types as he learnt how to use the first one.  He checks it EVERY night, if we ever forget to lock it then we can kiss goodbye to all of the food.

They force us to be very tidy and clean, if we leave an unwashed kitchen knife in the sink, it will be pinched and found dangerously in the mouth of a fluffy as they try to eat tiny morsels of food from the pointy end and then use the handle as a chew toy.

I foolishly thought that the blender was safe.  Why would they care about it?  But much like the slow cooker, they have seen food come out of it over a period of time.  Now it can not be on the work top without it being investigated (I lost a whole keema curry by going to the shop once, in our house a slow cooker can not be put on in the morning and left, it will be empty and on its side by the time we return).

I should have known better.

I shouldn’t be surprised.

It wasn’t an expensive blender.

But I am in a state of slight mourning for it.  As I sit here with my cup of tea, and no yummy smoothie, I feel very sad.  I could go to the shop and buy a ready made one, but truthfully, they don’t taste as nice as mine.  And they are not as good for me.  And they are stupidly expensive.

I do really love my dogs.

I am going to look online and see if they sell dog proof blenders just in case I have a future episode of forgetfulness and leave it in the danger zone (kitchen).


  1. Bad fluffies! Damn those pesky pups! I think they ate it so you stop being healthy and start dropping more biscuit crumbs again 😉 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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