A bush in the hand is worth…wait..what?

So my thoughts have recently been with pubic hair.  Anyone who knows me well will know that I have spent what may be considered too much time pondering pubes.  My own pube journey has been not very successful.

Not to give you the wrong impression here, nature sent me the usual amount, (maybe even a few more than the average or so it seemed) at the usual time that you get them.  I remember being super excited about my new found, grown up arrivals.  That didn’t last long though.  I think I left them alone for a maximum of four months before I started to do everything in my power to diminish their numbers.

I got a boyfriend an he reliably informed me that pubic hair was disgusting.  Before I had even decided if I was going to grant him any sort of access to my most private of areas I had shaved it all off.  Just in case.  Because even if he wasn’t going to get to see it, I couldn’t be the girl with the disgusting pubic hair.


That relationship didn’t last as most of them don’t when you are sixteen, but it seemed that the general consensus of guys was that pubic hair should be gone from women.  So after toying with a bit of a landing strip for a while I decided that I should just get rid of them all together.


Looking at the internet it would seem that nearly eighty percent of men feel that some sort of pubic hair reduction is a must.

From my perspective, I don’t like it when a guy shaves his pubic hair off.  I have had several boyfriends who are into “manscaping”, genuinely I find body hair attractive.  So surely if I like to see body hair on men, there must be more than just me who feels like that.  Is this because I grew up in the eighties and the men who were offered to us were hairy?

tom selleck

Tom Sellick is still a total hottie now (had quite a lovely time looking for a picture of him to put in here.) but in his younger days I am surprised that stuff didn’t burst into flames as he walked past it.  If I had to choose between a waxed/shaved version or the hairy one, hairy wins hands down.

So why do so many people think that pubic hair is horrible?  Why have I spent so much of my life making sure that there is no hair on my entire body below my eyelashes?  Why have I allowed my insecurities on how other people will judge me to cloud the way that I feel about something completely natural about myself?

After reading Caitlin Moran’s How to be a woman (which I would thoroughly recommend you to read if you haven’t)   I decided that I should follow her advice and grow a wonderful bushy mound of pubes.  I lasted four days before I was rushing for the razor.  Even when I had been inspired and decided that I was ridiculous for having pubic hair shame, the deep seated seeds of insecurity came and scared me back into the bathroom.


I even maintained this throughout my pregnancy.  When I couldn’t even see my lady garden I still ensured that it was hair free.  I did do myself an injury doing this, right before going to a friends wedding reception, I kept on having to pop to the bathroom to make sure that I wasn’t going to bleed to death, but obviously that is a risk worth taking….(I realise typing this how mad it is but at the time it was normal)  in the early stages of labour I had a quick shave because I knew that a midwife was going to be getting up close and personal with that general area.

I hate that I have been this brainwashed.  I would love to have a wild and free megabush just once in my life without the fear that I would be completely undesirable if I did.


Ok, so maybe not pubic plaits, but a respectable venus mound of furriness.   I feel quite stupid writing about this insecurity, but again, if I feel like this, then I bet there are other people out there who do too.

I should have had someone sit me down in me teens and explain that anyone who had the privilege of being invited to a party at my lady garden should be overjoyed to be there, regardless of what flowers I had planted, or  if I had bothered to do the weeding.

After all, if you had  asked someone over for coffee and they refused to sit on your sofa because they didn’t like the curtains in your lounge, you would tell them to piss off and pour the coffee away, or drink it yourself.  You most certainly wouldn’t rush off to spend a stupid amount of money on new curtains just to please one mean person.  I lived in a house once where the curtains matched the wallpaper in Del boy from Only fools and horses flat.  I thought that was awesome.  I would not have gotten rid of those curtains for anyone.

So I am trying again, I know my limits, so I am starting by attempting a landing strip once more, a full pubic afro is too scary a prospect right now.  But I am hopeful that I can break down the walls of insecurity and keep in mind that I am just a sexy regardless of how many pubic hairs I do or don’t have.





  1. THANK YOU👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    This is well said and spoken!

    Stumbled onto your blog. Not had a lot time to read all posts yet but was intrigued by this one. How did your experiment go and what is thoughts and current style now?

    Every woman feels and responds differently. The appeal of an aesthetic look may or may not change over time but what matters is that the the grooming you do or don’t do downstairs is YOUR choice and satisfies your emotional needs not someone’s “desire.” I always had a fairly full grown bush even in summer. I grew up in South East U.S. and I was always in a bikini or bathing suit pubic “pokies” and all. Most of my girlfriends couldn’t believe it as they had very trimmed and tight hair or the famous “landing strip.” Senior year of HS I tried waxing bikini line for a guy I liked and would be at the lake with a couple days before us and friends were heading out to water ski. I was worried what he might think if saw that unlike my friends I had a FULL BUSH (Lots of bikini malfunctions in water sports so was trying to prepare.) What a DISASTER!!! I had welts and red bumps the size of nickles all along my bikini line and inner thighs. Needless to say that was the last time I did that……until college. Fast forward a year and that same guy is now my boyfriend and we’re at college. He suggested I try shaving all of my bush. I said I would do it but shave and not wax so out comes scissors and then I borrowed his beard trimmer then finally a razor where I must admit the process was far less painful and I enjoyed seeing and feeling my Lady Diamond is her smoothness as did he. I continued my shaving habits as did my girlfriends through college but when he and I broke up bush was back and it’s been ever since!!


    • I have to admit that I tried and failed, I did grow it all out but I found it uncomfortable because I was so unused to having it! I keep on growing and shaving it. I am fortunate to be in a relationship with someone who is happy regardless how of little or much bush I have so he is happy to go with whatever mood strikes me. He is happy as long as I am! 😀


      • Thank you for your reply! All that matters is you’re happy. I enjoy your blog posts. I am glad to have stumbled upon it.

        P.S. you’re very right about men with chest hair😉

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