My love/hate relationship with the slow cooker.

We have all seen the new year in with a horrific cold.  This is not at all out of the ordinary for me, I have spent every January since I left home in a sea of snotty tissues.  Horrible colds and small children are awful though.

Having a two  year and two month old both sick at the same time has been one of the most trying experiences of my life.  They both want to be constantly cuddled, they are both constantly leaking bodily fluids from every orifice, they both cry, neither can sleep well.  I have the same thing wrong with me and as I am breastfeeding all I can do is rub vapo rub on my feet as every cold and flu treatment on the market says that I am not allowed to take it.  I have earache and the crying causes my ear to crackle and pop with pain.

By the time lovely boyfriend  (also ill) comes home ftom work I feel like I deserve a medal for getting the toddler to bed in his own bed.  I am tired and hungry, it is usually between half nine and half ten at night.  Lovely boyfriend is a chef, the last thing that he wants to do is cook.

Our daughter is colicky (and was put into a pavlik harness for hip dysplasia just before Christmas so winding her is quite challenging), she usually starts to become unsettled at around half past four when I start to sort out our sons dinner, she has been crying through her brothers dinner, bath time, story time and will eventually calm down around nine p.m. fortunately, our son can somehow go to sleep with her bellowing in the same room as him (he will not however sleep if a parent is not in his room whilst he drifts off).

This has resulted in lovely boyfriend being served up some very lack lustre meals, straight out of the freezer and into the oven, by a tired me.  He is too lovely to ever pass any negative comment, I know how much I hate that sort of meal so I know that he can’t be loving it.

So this morning I decided to pull out the slow cooker and fill it with vegetables and chicken to make a stew that will be ready for when he comes home so that we can eat a meal with vitamins and flavours in it.

The problem with this is that I really hate stew. Its horrible.  I have tried loads of recipes, they all suck.  I have several slow cooker recipe books, I have cooked loads of the recipes.  Regardless of stirring in cornflour as per the instructions, the result is usually the same, soggy overcooked everything in a thin, runny sauce.

I have done curries, rice dishes, pasta extravaganzas and all other sorts of experiments in there.  The best smelling one was stolen by the dogs when I popped out to the shops to get naan bread to go with the curry, so I don’t know if it was good, but overall (apart from my Christmas gammon that I cooked in pineapple juice in there, that was a triumph)  I am usually thoroughly underwhelmed with the results. 

Our toddler is coming out the other side of the cold from hell and has refused to take his bib off all day because he is making up for the missed eating that he had last week (quite hilarious apart from when he realised that stickers don’t stick to it)  He has eaten two punnets of blueberries, cake, five fromage frais, some cheese and some fingers full of butter (nothing is safe) whilst I have been feeding/changing his sister and missed the fridge raid, he feeds anything that he doesn’t want to the salivating dogs that follow him into the kitchen. He has been fed large meals at meal times, he is by no means starving! I suppose it’s good that our dinner is already cooking because there won’t be any other food left by the time lovely boyfriend comes home.

I can’t wait until we are all better and our littlest family member grows out of her colic. I miss having enough energy and motivation to cook properly. Every time I go into the kitchen and see the slow cooker I get less enthused about dinner. I expect by the time I can sit down and eat a meal I will be very grateful for it. That is why I have a love and hate relationship with  the slow cooker, its got to be better than another kiev right?


  1. You are doing really well, I used to get so exhausted with looking after a toddler and a baby I would forget about our dinner! I just wanted to go to bed, the slow cooker has saved us on many occasions, at least you can cram in half of your weight in veg and feel like you have done your bit for your digestive system! Although too much veg whilst breastfeeding can create other problems…..but let’s not think about that! Love reading your posts xhxXxx

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